Todds Quality Tomatoes & Wholesale Produce Vegetable

Todds Quality Tomatoes & Wholesale Produce Vegetable

SQF/NSF  Advanced Practitioner:  Jessica Brady

Food Safety & Food Defense

The core and foundation of any food service company is the degree to which they practice food safety and food security in order to protect their customers and the general public.

At Todd's Tomatoes food safety means starting at the beginning of the supply chain and working forward. All of our suppliers are required to provide a letter of "Product Guarantee". This document assures us that they have in place a food safety program and receive annual audits.

Todd's Food Safety & Food Defense program is as well managed as any in the industry. Our program is monitored and documented on a daily basis, self audited on a monthly and quarterly basis. Yearly we receive an "Independent 3rd Party Audit" and score well above industry standards. Our product recall & traceability programs have been termed


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todds quality tomatoes & wholesale produce vegetable

Food Safety